My Approach

I blend my traditional training in psychotherapy with the emergent field of “energy psychology.”

Energy psychology is an approach to the assessment and treatment of mental and emotional issues via energy systems in the body and the transpersonal realm of consciousness and spirituality. Modern science now recognizes that all of our thoughts and feelings have their own vibration, their own energetic signature. Working with this energy at its source allows for long-lasting change in a short period of time. This approach is different than conventional “talk therapy”, which often takes years before any lasting change takes effect.



Body-centered Listening: This is the foundation of my practice, both in the counseling therapy and equine therapy sessions. It includes mindfulness practice, which is in the forefront of brain research in relation to understanding how changeable the human brain really is. I teach my clients how to be present in their body vs. getting “stuck” in the manipulations of the mind. Through the felt experience of physical sensations in the body I guide clients to listen to what the emotional energy of the body is wanting to express. In this exploration I may invite the use of visual imagery and voice dialogue to support the process. You will learn the language of your body’s consciousness and how to access your inner healing resources.

Emotional Freedom Technique:  EFT , or meridian tapping, is a powerful tool that I use to relieve psychological stress and allow the body/mind to come into balanced alignment. EFT is based on the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture. It is a simple tapping procedure on the face and body that stimulates key meridians (energy circuits) that run through the body. Through this tapping process the body’s energy system is brought into balance around the emotional conflict by neutralizing the “charge” that it holds in the body. It often results in physical healing as well, since emotional issues are often tied up with physical symptoms. EFT is completely safe, non-invasive and easy to apply. It will become a lifelong friend to help you relieve a charged emotional state at any given moment and reprogram old habit patterns.

electricalFlowSound Healing: This involves the use of sound to create balance and alignment in the body. Healing sounds include songs, instrumental music, sounds of nature, and the human voice. It is based on the principle that all matter, including the human body, is made up of energy. All energy vibrates. Every vibration has its own frequency and each frequency has a sound. The human voice in the form of “toning” is the sound healing tool that I use. Toning can create a resonance with the energy field of the area of the body that is in distress and bring it to a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness. A tone is simply a sustained note with a vowel sound, such as “Aaah,” or the familiar “Om” (rhymes with “home”). When I tone with my voice in a session you will experience a deeper connection with whatever your body is trying to tell you. Often it becomes an experience of great nourishment and peace.

Core Belief Change: Our thoughts have energy. When you change your thoughts you change how you feel. This in turn affects your behavior. Working therapeutically at the level of core beliefs can have a profound effect on the quality of your life. I use the Inquiry Process developed by Byron Katie to question that which we believe to be true. I use all of the tools listed above to help locate, understand and transform limiting core beliefs into working affirmations that reshape the quality of your life.