Individual Counseling

plantersI blend my traditional training in psychotherapy with the emergent field of “energy psychology.” With this approach I identify and follow to its source the “energy” of a client’s process as expressed through their emotions and physical sensations or symptoms in their body. Once a feeling is truly and completely expressed, accepted, and understood from its source, then the doorway to healing opens. This healing occurs through the application of a variety of techniques that change the energy around the presenting symptom or issue. It is a process of transforming core beliefs and opening the heart. A client can then support this process on her or his own with the guidance, insights and tools they receive during a session. You will walk out of my office with new awareness and greater confidence in yourself and your ability to change.

It is my experience that these techniques bring accelerated results and empower the individual to create long-lasting change for themselves. It is all about recognizing and transmuting any resistance in your life to a balanced flow of heart-felt acceptance and personal growth.